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Personal duress alarm systems and safety systems

As a lone worker in Australia or a vulnerable worker your safety is paramount.

More than just standalone products, TWIG is a comprehensive protection system using a range of purpose-built personal alarm devices that work across the mobile network.

Choose the TWIG that suits you best from eight models and additional options. All available on the Twig com safety platform to alert your preferred personal contact or back to base via your chosen security company.

Affordable, reliable safety options for those in your care from TWIG, a world-leading manufacturer based in Finland. Products meet Australian, European and British Standards. Our devices are medi-alarms, duress alarms, panic buttons, person down alarms, lone-worker alarms, and nurse call alarms.

TWIG are cellular communicator personal alarm devices with advanced person down and duress features. We sell and distribute personal security devices Australia wide.

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The world's most-versatile cellular personal lone-worker safety communicator

TWIG protects you anywhere in the world within the mobile phone network, ensuring with the press of a button, you can reach those who can help you quickly. Even if you are down and cannot press the button, the automatic person-down function will get your alert out along with a location map, so you can be found quickly.

TWIG’s dual messaging function enables SMS and two-way voice calls to up to ten numbers. Now, with the addition of new TWIG Neo and TWIG One, there is a device for every purpose. Main features across the line include:

  • Duress button
  • Two-way talk
  • SMS
  • Amber alert
  • Automatic person down
  • Many programmable options
  • GPS location to smartphones
  • Web tracking (option)
  • Contact up to 10 emergency numbers
  • Additional speed-dial options
  • Public space location (Cellular + Wi-Fi)
  • On-site and indoor location (TWIG SRD + Wi-Fi + BLE)
  • GNSS (GPS + 3 satellite networks
  • Discreet use silent alarm
  • Wide choice of models and options
  • Trusted European manufacture
  • Accessories including (TWIG check in tags and wireless wrist alert button)

With applications ranging from emergency services and aged care to the construction industry and mining, our safety alarms are versatile and effective at communicating when the going gets tough. Staff members will be able to experience peace of mind and a high health and safety rating when you invest in TWIG products. Personal safety devices Australia feature an emergency type of duress alarm that will provide safety and security to staff when working alone. In the event of an accident, high risk remote workers are able to call for help with a TWIG duress device. Perform your duty of care by investing in a safety precaution system by TWIG Australia.

Contact TWIG to ask any questions about our extensive range of personal safety alarm devices.

TWIG personal alamrs for lone worker safety

Backwards compatible, scalable, 2G/3G/4G, GNSS, IP67, ATEX personal alarm devices, SRD

TWIG advantages

Durable lone worker alarm devices combined with professional technical support and customer care.

More than a device

Our mission is to provide trustworthy, state-of-the art lone-worker alarms, answering the call of duty of care.


TWIG personal safety alarms are compliant with BS8484 Part 5 lone-worker alarm system requirements.


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