• The world's leading lone-worker solutions

TWIG personal duress alarm systems and safety systems

  • A range of models that work across the cellular and Wi-Fi networks

  • Duress buttons and ManDown functions

  • Real-time Location (RTLS) through GPS outdoors and Wi-Fi indoors

  • Reliable European manufacture

  • No compulsory ongoing fees

Choose from four TWIG models programmed to your unique requirements









Features and functions available on all TWIG models

  • Alarm messaging 10 numbers via SMS, Voice, Data

  • Message to Grade A1 security monitor, 000, or your own security

  • Automatic ManDown detection if no motion, fall, tilt, or impact (selectable)

  • Pre-alarm warning to cancel ManDown if needed

  • SOS buttons with setting choices to minimise false alarms

  • Post-emergency tracking for faster response time

  • Fast, accurate location combines GPS/GNSS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cell towers

  • Tracking and location indoors and outdoors

  • Geofence

  • Long life battery

  • Amber alert with TWIG tags for check-in, check-out

  • Discreet operation option: silent button press and responder can listen in

  • Auto answer option

  • Interactive on-screen messages

  • IP 67 waterproof and dustproof

  • Visible screen icons show 4G bars, satellite connection, battery level, ManDown active and numerous functions status

  • Remote device management; over the air configuration and firmware/software upgrades

Where is your need

TWIGs are operating in over 60 different environments Australia-wide


  • Federal

  • State

  • Municipal

  • Regional

  • Defense

  • Security


  • Home care

  • Retirement

  • Domestic Violence

  • Child Care


  • Farms

  • Forestry

  • Aquaculture

  • Stockyards

  • Irrigation

Healthcare and Education

  • Hospitals

  • Aged care

  • Medical centres

  • Community

  • RTLS

  • Help Call Systems

  • Schools/Education

Mining and Other Hazardous

  • Petroleum, Oil & Gas

  • Wastewater, treatment plants

  • Chemical industry

  • Hazardous Vapour and/or Dust

  • Certified intrinsically safe

Warehouse and Industrial

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Transport

Which TWIG is right for you?



  • Compact, lightweight

  • Five wearing choices

  • Rip cord option

  • Bright screen display

  • Four short cut dial options

  • Timeclock on screen



  • Lightweight

  • Fully programmable

  • Belt clip or belt pouch

  • Short cut dial option



  • Optimised for demanding environments

  • Powerful loudspeaker

  • Large battery, more time between charges

  • Four shortcut dial keys



  • Intrinsically safe for potentially explosive sites, hazardous environments

Introducing a world–first dedicated duress hardware device allowing both cellular and WI-FI connection.

Now TWIG gives duress alarms on your site, indoors and outdoors.

3 TWIG Choices Sim CardReliable Alarm SignalIndoors Alarm location by Wi-FiOutdoors Alarm location by GPSTwo-way voice alarmSMS AlarmDuress buttonMan-Down detectBattery usage time
Wi-Fi only Sim not requiredAlarm sending by Wi-Fi indoorReliable in-coverage Wi-FiNot applicableYesNoYesYesExcellent
Cellular plus Wi-FiSim is optional (for SMS)Alarm sending indoor, outdoorReliable in-coverage Wi-FiOutdoor GPS + Indoor location by Wi-FiYesIf Sim cardYesYesGood
Cellular onlySim is requiredAlarm more reliable outdoorsNot applicable Outdoor using GPS satelliteYesYesYesYesGood

Benefits of TWIG Wi-Fi for indoor staff protection

1. Alarm Identification and selecting a Staff Safety & Duress system.

Reliably, Rapidly, Respond to personal Alarms in the workplace (and the home).

  • TWIG with Wi-Fi will help ensure the distress/ duress signal is received by responders. (Poor mobile coverage indoors can block the signal of commonly used devices (without WiFi) reaching the intended response team(s))

  • TWIG RTLS with Wi-Fi (real-time-location-systems) provides an advanced level of location certainty, allowing for rapid assistance during pressing moments. (duress, distress, person-down, medical emergency)

2. TWIG Wi-Fi does not require a Simcard

Can be more affordable, and with no ongoing SIM fees or monthly service costs.

3. Improved Staff Safety

By reducing workplace risks and improving staff safety, RTLS helps to mitigate risks before they occur. This provides invaluable peace of mind for employees, allowing them to better focus on the services they are there to provide.

4. Rugged purpose design

  • Water proof, shower proof, rugged case designed for average 8 years usage.

  • Longer lasting battery time. (up to 5 days between charging).

Applications benefiting from indoor location include:

  • Hospital wards & grounds

  • Mental health wards

  • Emergency departments

  • School/university campus

  • Hotels/resorts

  • Municipal areas

  • Council sites

  • Warehouses

  • Utilities

  • Government facilities

  • Mining sites/towns

  • Airports

  • Sports

  • Cruise ships

  • Factories

  • Shopping malls


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