Factory repair

Free repair service for TWIG devices within the warranty period

Faulty TWIG devices within their 12-month warranty period should be returned to the address below for assessment and testing. The device will either be repaired or replaced under the warranty terms. If repair is indicated, the device may need to be returned to manufacturer and shipping cost will be charged (Approximately $30).

Paid repair service for TWIG devices outside the warranty period
Outside of warranty period, there will be an assessment charge of $35 plus GST and a quotation will be given for repair including shipping to factory if required.

How to return product for repair or replacement
If available, return in original package with all relevant accessories (Charging cable, charging connector and power plug.)

Complete the returns form and enclose.

Ship to Twig Australia – Wired & Wireless Solutions, Level 7, 6 Help St., Chatswood, NSW 2067