Employees providing health and social care services within people’s homes are exposed to both social and environmental risks.

TWIG Embody is an adequate choice whenever a home care worker feels threatened or in any danger.

Alone in an isolated area

Remote workers may spend long periods driving alone. Vehicle break downs in isolated areas can put them at great risk.


Health and social care workers visiting high-risk areas are exposed to robberies especially when carrying drugs and other equipment.

Threats and abuse

Health and social care service workers are exposed to circumstances in which they are abused, threatened or assaulted. This can include verbal abuse or threats as well as physical attacks.

TWIG advantages for health and social care

ManDown alarm

The automatic ManDown function can trigger an alert if the user is unconscious or unable to request help.

Twig Australia - personal alarm systems

Ripcord alarm

Ripcord and SOS key for panic situations, plain text on-screen messages, clock and graphical display.

TWIG personal safety devices for health & social care workers


  • The wearable 4G personal safety device with removable wrist band and five wearing options including ID badge style.
  • Compact, lightweight and programmable for discreet operation.


  • Fully functioned yet with simple user interface.
  • One button action with four Man-Down triggers.

TWIG SOS Safety Card

  • The lone-worker alarm device in form of an ID badge