When you need to know where your team are located

Whether you have a fleet of drivers out on the road or workers patrolling routes, many industries require regular location updates to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their team. Meeting delivery deadlines, coordinating individuals and ensuring your team enter and leave remote sites safely and on schedule.

TWIG Point AGNSS, an advanced combination of cellular and multiple global positioning technologies for fast-fix high accuracy location, when used in conjunction with TWIG Point Monitor can obtain location updates through periodic tracking, on-demand location requests or in the event of an emergency.

Scheduled check-in and compliance

Maintaining compliance and on-the-job awareness across medical fields and demanding onsite occupations can require checking in periodically, ensuring the worker was able to leave the remote site safely, or to trigger tracking when the user enters or leaves the worksite.

  • Realtime attendance monitoring, geofencing, anchor alert features can be used for evacuation or visiting external sites and leaving safely.
  • The amber alert feature can be used for a worker entering a hazardous or remote site – once enabled, it requires the user to acknowledge a periodic alert, which sends a location update, or an emergency alarm is raised.

When trouble strikes, responders can be on the scene faster

When an emergency alert is raised, knowing where to allocate emergency personnel can prevent further injury and get help where it is needed.

A user who is incapacitated, under duress, in unfamiliar surroundings or experiencing shock may be incapable of telling a first responder accurate information.

Among the first questions asked by an emergency operator is to request the location of the incident. With TWIG, this vital information is sent immediately upon raising an alert as part of the automated emergency sequence, without requiring input from the user. With TWIG Point Monitor, operators will receive an alert with a location – utilising TWIG Point AGNSS and TWIG Point Netloc services ensuring the information is accurate and timely.

Location availability – outdoor and indoor

Timely, reliable and accurate location information is vital to getting help fast to the scene of an incident, whether indoors or outdoors, on-site or off-site.

The answer is TWIG Point Monitor alarm monitoring platform with TWIG Point Netloc hybrid location service, a solution deployed in minutes globally yet scalable to address site-specific location requirements.

The TWIG Point Netloc hybrid location is a fusion of available locations of TWIG devices provided by GNSS satellites, cellular network, TWIG Beacon short range devices (SRD), Bluetooth Low Energy beacons (BLE) and Wi-Fi access points sent to TWIG Point Monitor, a turn-key alarm monitoring and tracking application.

TWIG Point Monitor gives you the possibility to:

  • visualise the device and user location on your own site maps and multistorey floor plans,
  • manage alerts,
  • monitor device status,
  • create tracking rules,
  • send and manage On-Screen Messages and
  • get help to the right place faster.

The hybrid location enabled with TWIG Point Netloc improves the location accuracy and enables indoor location in public spaces as well as at customer site.

Lone workers have confidence knowing they have your support

Companies have a professional obligation to ensure the safety of lone workers is solved by having the support they need on-hand at all times.

Working alone can leave workers vulnerable to assault or violence, where the user could trigger the diuress sequences manually with either an audible or silent alarm – immediately altering emergency contacts of their need for assistance along with the location.

A worker entering a potentially hazardous or remote site can initialise an Amber Alert to require a periodic interaction, sending a conformation and location update to ensure their well being. A missed check-in will trigger an emergency sequence.

The sophisticated package of hardware sensors utilised by ManDown can detect scenarios such as the worker being incapacitated or having a fall and automatically raising an alarm, followed by initialising tracking to an alarm receiving centre and ongoing tone to assist responders in locating the individual.

How you can incorporate TWIG into your business

TWIG is a fully scalable system, capable of being implemented at all levels of existing system infrastructure and sophistication.

From a handful of devices capable of contacting a shortlist of emergency contacts, a fleet of workers monitored through the web interface, or fully integrated into existing security monitoring platforms

TWIG has already been integrated by many security companies and businesses seeking the best solution for location, monitoring and security services. Contact us to see how we can help you bring this leading line of products and services into your business – we can help find the best route to implementation no matter your size.

TWIG Point allows immediate deployment and access through a web browser, however should you require complete control over data security for privacy and confidentiality, TWIG can operate exclusively over your own servers

Contact us to find out how TWIG can be incorporated into your existing security monitoring system or alarm receiving center (ARC).

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