Lone Worker Devices Improve Hotel and Hospitality Safety

It is unfortunate that Lone Worker devices are primarily seen as necessary only in construction industries where there is a risk of physical harm from falling objects and heavy machinery.

But in fact, workers who interact with people on a daily basis are just as much, if not more, at risk of being subjected to dangerous situations. Hotel and Hospitality workers in particular are vulnerable to risk of harm and can significantly benefit from access to Lone Worker safety devices. Indeed, it is no surprise that a large segment of Hotel and Hospitality workers feel that they could benefit from a panic button at work.

Lone Worker devices can reduce company liability when workers are faced with assault and injury. During a normal shift, Hotel and Hospitality workers may face slips, trips and falls. And, depending on their role, they may also suffer burns and experience abuse from customers. By equipping your staff with Lone Worker devices, you reduce harm arising from hazardous situations.

What Are Lone Worker devices?

Lone Worker systems are essentially a panic button that can be used to call for help whenever an employee experiences an unsafe or hazardous situation. Security can be called instantaneously and the situation can be de-escalated before harm occurs. For example, if a Hotel worker enters a room where a guest is behaving in a threatening manner, they can simply push a button on their Lone Worker device and inform security and/or other staff that they are in distress. Help can then be dispatched immediately.

TWIG Lone Worker devices use a satellite network and include GPS tracking for faster and more accurate location identification. Supplementary equipment can be installed at an alarm receiving centre, which is manned by security staff, and around the venue.

The Impact of Workplace Hazards

When injuries or abuse occur on company premises, the impact can be significant. Besides the obvious costs to the organisation for medical treatment, disability pensions, retraining etc., a more important impact could be reduced employee morale and long-term psychological impact for the employees involved.

Considering these impacts, it is certainly a good idea to equip your Hotel or Hospitality staff with Lone Worker devices. TWIG Australia manufactures and supplies high-quality Lone Worker devices that can save lives and reduce unnecessary expenditure. We supply Australia wide and can tailor a safety solution to your unique business situation.

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