Monitor Truck Driver Safety When Not Driving 

When truck drivers are on a job, they do on occasion need to take a break from driving in the cabin. While truck cabins are today equipped with GPS and other tracking devices to help headquarters keep track of shipments and assets, truck drivers usually are not, which means they have no immediate response to danger when they step away from the vehicle. With breaks recommended every two hours, on most trips, there is a lot of time where drivers are not protected in the event of an attack, a fall, a wild animal or other immediate danger. We discuss the best ways to keep truck drivers safe at all times to ensure efficiency and safety in all logistics operations. 

Why Is Truck Driver Safety Important? 

There are a plethora of risks to transport and logistics personnel while on the road or loading or unloading their vehicle. When working alone, robbery and hijackings can force drivers into duress and force them to leave the relative safety of their vehicle. If drivers are forced out of their vehicle, what options do they have to signal for immediate help? Similarly, if accidents happen while, for example, visiting the bathroom at a rest stop, it might be hours until a second person arrives at the site to provide help. This is an unacceptable risk to drivers and logistics companies.  

If truck drivers are harmed or killed on the road, logistics companies will face huge expenses. The same consequence is manifest when trucks are lost or shipments stolen. By equipping truck drivers with personal duress alarms, you ensure that your assets and employees are safe from harm. 

Truck Drivers Can Use Personal Duress Alarms To Stay Safe 

When on the road on a trip, truck drivers should always be equipped with personal duress alarms to help keep them safe when out of the vehicle. These can either be mobile apps on a cell phone or unique lone worker safety alarms that clip onto a belt. In either case, the location of the truck driver is at all times accessible on a map located at security headquarters. When the personal duress alarm is pressed, it triggers the corporate security force into action. Assistance can be immediately provided and the truck driver returned to a safe status. 

Personal Duress Alarms For Sale 

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