Personal Duress Alarms For Solo Travelers: Peace Of Mind On The Go 

When traveling alone in dangerous cities, it can save your life to have a personal duress alarm on your person at all times. Some cities around the world are far more dangerous than others, and if your wanderlust takes you to these locations it is best to be prepared. Traveling alone requires bravery at the best of times and finding your inner peace can be achieved by equipping yourself with a personal duress alarm. With a personal safety device at your side, you can immediately call for help in the event you run into a dangerous situation and receive help from local security forces. 

Understanding Personal Duress Alarms 

Personal duress alarms are small, pocket-sized devices that can hang on a lanyard or on a keychain. Their basic functionality includes a button which, when pressed, sends a beacon to a nearby security center that dispatches assistance when the beacon is received. Most models also incorporate a GPS-tracking system that allows the security center to triangulate the device’s exact location. This makes sending assistance way easier. The portable nature of personal duress alarms makes them ideal traveling companions. They can be carried without encumberment and are discreet, making them easy to trigger in an emergency situation. 

Benefits of Personal Safety Devices for Solo Travelers 

Solo travelers often face unique challenges like arriving in a new city late at night, walking through unfamiliar territory and spending prolonged periods alone. If any of these situations results in a traveler being accosted by criminals or attackers, being equipped with a personal safety device can save their life by calling emergency services. Personal duress alarms also act as a deterrent. They make travelers less of a target. When dangerous individuals or groups see a personal duress alarm from afar, they become aware that police or security can be dispatched immediately if any trouble arises. 

Why Choose TWIG Personal Duress Alarms 

TWIG’s range of personal duress alarms all offer highly effective protection for solo travelers. They include long battery life, are easy to use and are compatible with traveler’s needs.Our reputation as a trusted supplier of personal safety alarms proceeds us, so if you are traveling alone in Australia, do the right thing and buy a personal duress alarm from TWIG today. 

Buy Personal Duress Alarms     

TWIG Australia supplies and distributes personal duress alarms across the nation. Our GPS-enabled lone worker safety devices ensure the safest possible outcomes for solo travelers. We have a range of products available to help keep you safe on your journey, check out our online store to see them. You can call TWIG Australia on 1300 765 543 to make an order or reach out via our contact page for a quote.