The personal alarm for simple useTWIG Easy is a simple but robust personal safety alarm designed for lone worker protection. Its simple design wraps inside many powerful functions needed in various lone working situations. In addition to familiar automatic and manual alarms, hybrid location both indoors and outdoors, the new TWIG Easy also enables VoLTE calls and remote firmware updates. As the latest TWIG device model it is also compatible with the new generation TWIG accessories.

Mobile Network options: 2G/3G/4G
GNSS options (satellite positioning): with GNSS
ManDown options: with ManDown

  • Lone worker safety: Duty of care requires employers to give lone workers means to alert help. Depending on risk assessment, a dedicated alarm device may be required. An automatic Mandown alarm is sent when device user falls or is not moving. When entering a risky situation, enhanced monitoring can be requested with Amber alert. TWIG Easy can trigger alert via Wi-Fi* in absence of mobile network connection. Data transfer via WiFi is available only with SRD3 option of latest device versions
  • Indoor positioning: Lack of satellite connection and the requested accuracy of indoor location require a different solution for indoor positioning. With the SRD3 option the TWIG Easy can be located indoors with compatible TWIG SRD beacons, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons or Wi-Fi base stations installed in the building.
  • Firmware over-the-air:With remote configuration possibility TWIG Easy is fast to deploy and flexible to operate. Device is also USB programmable, either manually or from file. Also the device firmware can be updated over-the-air or from file by connecting device to computer with USB cable
  • Alarms monitoring and tracking: TWIG Integrator Kit resources enable integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving centre (ARC). Optionally the TWIG Point Monitor cloud service provides a turn-key solution for alarms monitoring and tracking. Alarms and reports can also be received on smartphone as SMS with web map link
  • Compatible accessories: TWIG Easy is compatible with all new F-series accessories: charging and programming stations, belt clip, carrying case, charging adapter and car charger.
  • Ease of use: The new TWIG Easy is an upgraded version of the previous TWIG Protector EasyS model. As its predecessor, TWIG Easy is a perfect choice for lone worker situations where simplicity and userfriendliness are a must.