TWIG Point Monitor

Turn-key service for alarms monitoring and tracking of TWIG personal alarm devices

  • TWIG Point Monitor is compatible with TWIG device types TUP93EU, TUP92EU, TUP91EU and RG310 printed in the type label, on the back side of the device.
  • Service activation and access through TWIG Point SP account. Contact TWIG Sales for service prices.
  • Alarms monitoring with operational and map views at glance.
  • Hybrid location provided by GNSS satellites, cellular network or TWIG Beacon short range devices (SRD), Bluetooth Low Energy beacons (BLE) and Wi-Fi base stations.
  • Creation and management of trackings for specific needs.
  • View of device locations on street maps, OpenStreetMaps or with satellite view.
  • View of event lists related to specific functions.
  • Management of on-screen messages (OSM) written and sent to user in emergency.