TWIG Protector

The complete personal alarm device for lone-worker protection

  • Duress button is standard, but ManDown alarm and GPS location are optional; if you don’t need them, you don’t pay.
  • Alert triggers include duress alarm button, automatic Man-Down function, Amber alert and optional TWIG Button wireless alarm. Predefined emergency protocol transmits last known user position and opens two-way voice connection to multiple numbers of choice including alarm receiving centre (ARC) if required.
  • High-performance GNSS receiver connects to four satellite networks including GPS for faster and more accurate location. Also allows turn-key AGNSS feed complemented with TWIG Beacon indoor location.
  • Excellent operating times even in continuous GNSS monitoring are achieved through advanced technology and large-capacity battery.
  • Fully remotely configurable, the TWIG safety alarm is fast to deploy and flexible to operate. Also USB programmable, either manually or using saved file.
  • TWIG Integrator Kit resources enable integrating TWIG devices with alarm receiving center. Optionally the TWIG WebFinder SP software provides a turn-key solution for testing or deployment. Or receive alarms and reports on your smartphone as SMS with web link, opening up Google Maps view.
  • The TWIG personal safety alarm including a short range devices (SRD) transceiver can receive alarms from several TWIG Button wireless alarms, determine its position from nearby TWIG Beacon locating devices also when GPS signal is not available, register attendance by swiping TWIG Tag RF identifiers, and register comings and goings with to the door frame attached TWIG Door Sensor.
  • Call us to order by phone +61 2 9412 2100 or contact us to request a quote.

*Note: This device is available till November 2022.