TWIG Remote Button

TWIG Remote Button is a short range device (SRD) that activates a paired TWIG unit close by. One TWIG can support up to five remote buttons

  • TWIG Remote Button is worn and operated discreetly in wrist, as a pendant or in pocket. Alternatively it can be integrated in clothing, or work place.
  • User carrying a TWIG Remote Button triggers remote process by pressing its red button. A green light indicates the user the message has been received by the base station nearby. TWIG Remote Button uses TWIG personal alarm device as a mobile base station, which transmits message to the alarm receiving centre (ARC) over mobile network.
  • TWIG personal alarm can make automatic voice calls, initiate silent or loud remote process operation, include information on cause of the message and position.
  • TWIG Remote Button can be used in a wide range of environments. It is IP67 waterproof and has an operating temperature range of -20 to +50 C.
  • Operating range of TWIG Remote Button from its base station is typically 10-20 meters indoors and 50-100 meters outdoors.
  • TWIG Remote Button is only intended for use in environments of SRD receiver category 2 which is standard performance level of the SRD receiver and not for use as a social alarm ensuring reliable communication for a person in distress in a confined area to initiate a call for help.
  • The TWIG personal safety alarm including a short range devices (SRD) transceiver can receive alarms from several TWIG Remote Button short range devices, determine its position from nearby TWIG Beacon locating devices also when GPS signal is not available, and register attendance by swiping TWIG Tag RF identifiers.
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