Many lone-worker occupations like sales staff, guards, cleaners and other service people working in isolation or alone late at night work indoors. When a lone worker inside the building needs help, the information about his or her accurate location is not always available.

TWIG personal safety alarms can determine the accurate location from nearby installed TWIG beacons when a GPS signal is not available or unreliable.

Lone working risks in retail service

Slips, trips & falls

Stairs, uneven and wet floors as well as objects left on the floor can cause falls or slipping.


Isolated employees are put at greater risk and are more vulnerable to violence when handling cash and high value goods.

Threats and abuse

Lone-working service people come face to face with furious, difficult or unsatisfied customers. An escalating customer service situation puts the lone workers at risk of verbal abuse and threat.

TWIG advantages for retail service

Indoor location

TWIG Beacon SRD, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) combined in TWIG personal alarm SRD3-option enable to locate distressed or injured persons indoors.

ManDown alert

The automatic ManDown function can trigger alert if user is unconscious or unable to alert help.

TWIG lone-worker safety devices for retail service

TWIG Beacon

  • The indoor lone-worker alarms solution to locate distressed or injured persons inside areas.


  • The wearable 4G personal safety device with removable wrist band and five wearing options including ID badge style.
  • Compact, lightweight and programmable for discreet operation.


  • Fully functioned yet with simple user interface for easy, discreet alerting.
  • One button action with four Man-Down triggers.

TWIG SOS Safety Card

  • The lone-worker alarm device in form of an ID badge.