The Advantages Of Preventative Maintenance Of Personal Security Systems 

Employing a certified security systems technician to carry out regular preventative maintenance on your personal security systems is a guaranteed way to provide heightened certainty that systems will work as intended during an emergency. Without regular inspections, critical system failures could occur at any time, preventing a person in a dangerous situation from successfully receiving help and leaving business assets vulnerable. Servers, cameras, personal duress alarms and power supplies and batteries should each be tested frequently to ensure that they are in perfect working condition. If something is amiss in a security system it can usually be spotted by a professional right away. However, if untested, system breakdown can occur, leaving employees and premises vulnerable. 

Server Maintenance 

Security servers should be kept in optimum operating condition to both prolong their lifecycle and prevent critical system overloads. Fans should be cleaned regularly, dust should be cleaned too and failed hard drives should be replaced as soon as they are identified. In terms of digital maintenance, server firmware should be updated frequently and optional health checks should be conducted as often as possible to ensure faults are noticed early and hardware is protected. 

Security Cameras 

Security cameras are commonplace in areas where lone workers are employed. Over time, cameras will go out of focus and collect dust and grime from the surrounding environment. They should be recalibrated every six months and cleaned at the same time. This is because camera systems are only effective for as long as they can produce clear footage of the areas being observed. 

Personal Duress Alarms 

All alarm and access devices should be inspected regularly. Alarm devices such as duress buttons, door monitoring devices and PIRs can often fail without physical detection. This will leave the security system ineffective when needed. Batteries should be checked often and devices’ connectivity with GPS and WiFi networks should be validated just as regularly. 

Power Supplies and Batteries 

As a fundamental component of any tight security system, power supply failures coupled with a faulty backup battery can lead to catastrophe if otherwise-secure doors are left unlocked. These situations can also void insurance. Regular inspections can flag faulty/dying batteries and power supplies giving fluctuating voltages, helping to keep the security system functioning and the premises secure. 

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