Top Industries in Australia That Benefit from Lone Worker Safety Solutions 

Lone worker safety solutions are fundamentally important in industries where lone workers are employed. Lone worker safety equipment keeps lone workers safe from environmental threats and in the event an emergency does occur. TWIG Australia supplies lone worker safety equipment to lone workers across Australia. In this blog we outline the significance of lone worker solutions and which industries can benefit most from employing these. 

The Significance of Lone Worker Solutions 

In industries where single employees work alone, lone worker solutions are required by law as a means of ensuring safety for individuals at all times. Environmental hazards such as trips and falls as well as threats from other humans are the reason why lone workers solutions must be utilised in lone worker environments. If a lone worker falls down, otherwise hurts themself or is approached by a threatening person they need a way to communicate they are unsafe to a dispatch who is available immediately. When lone worker solutions are triggered, security or healthcare teams can travel immediately to the location of the trigger and provide assistance. 

The Healthcare Industry 

Nurses, home care providers and doctors can all use lone worker safety solutions if they are working in an environment by themself. Patients can sometimes display aggressive behaviour and even violence, so, by equipping lone workers with protective equipment, you ensure that they can call for help in an unsafe situation. 

Construction and Mining 

In civil and mining industries there are a plethora of hazards that can cause bodily harm to lone workers working there. Trips, falls, sharp objects, pits and other hazards consistently pose a risk to individuals working there and so lone worker safety equipment must be distributed accordingly to make sure that, in the event of an emergency, a call for help may be sounded. 

Agriculture and Farming 

Agricultural work environments can pose similar hazards to construction and mining worksites, with the addition of animal attacks compounded too. If a lone worker is approached by a snake, a dingo or bitten by a venomous spider, they will need to call for help immediately to ensure they maintain the greatest chance of survival possible. The same applies when a lone farm worker is injured by equipment or other environmental hazards. 

Retail and Hospitality 

In retail and hospitality industries, there is always the risk of a violent customer or customers present. Solitary retail and hospitality workers cannot be expected to defend themselves against an assailant and, even if they are trained, must be equipped with a lone worker safety device to make sure they are able to call for help in the event an assailant becomes present. 

TWIG Australia: Supplying Australia 

As said, no matter what industry you are employed in, if you are forced to work alone as part of your job description, then, by law, you require a personal duress alarm to ensure your safety. TWIG Australia supplies personal safety equipment nationwide. Reach out to us via our website or phone number today to discuss wholesale provision of safety equipment for your lone workers. Their safety is in your hands and its responsibility is yours. Call now.