TWIG Personal Alarm Devices

TWIG personal alarm devices are dedicated safety devices designed for various lone working environments. Four models manufactured in Finland to exacting standards in a dedicated green rated factory that provide multiple choices in functionality and design: robustness, dedicated buttons to enhance user interface, vibrator, loud speaker, compact shock-resistant and waterproof (IP67) casing.


The multi-wearable personal alarm device.


The simple personal alarm device for lone worker protection and telecare.


The optimized lone worker alarm for noisy and hazardous industrial environments.


The Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker Alarm for ATEX areas.

3 TWIG Choices Sim CardReliable Alarm SignalIndoors Alarm location by Wi-FiOutdoors Alarm location by GPSTwo-way voice alarmSMS AlarmDuress buttonMan-Down detectBattery usage time
Wi-Fi only Sim not requiredAlarm sending by Wi-Fi indoorReliable in-coverage Wi-FiNot applicableYesNoYesYesExcellent
Cellular plus Wi-FiSim is optional (for SMS)Alarm sending indoor, outdoorReliable in-coverage Wi-FiOutdoor GPS + Indoor location by Wi-FiYesIf Sim cardYesYesGood
Cellular onlySim is requiredAlarm more reliable outdoorsNot applicable Outdoor using GPS satelliteYesYesYesYesGood


Lone worker protection functions are specific features designed for personal alarm devices enabling to alert help and locate the lone worker in distress as fast as possible.

Multiple configurable features

  • Alert tones choice
  • Alert tones volume
  • Talks sound volume (five settings including speaker level)
  • Silent incoming/outgoing calls for discreet operation
  • Automatic answer
  • Messaging to the TWIG
  • Speed dial buttons: pre-programmed for non-emergency calls/messages
  • Post-emergency beep: TWIG beeps to help searcher locate user
  • Post-emergency location reports: Device can trigger alternate behaviour following emergency
  • Low battery warning
  • Out of cellular coverage warning
  • ManDown temporarily disable from keypad
  • Multiple ManDown triggers
  • Multi satellite connection
  • GPS connection times from seconds to hours depending on the need, helpful for battery management and customizing tracking frequency


TWIG personal alarm devices are dust and water proof personal safety alarms for demanding environments requiring certain level of endurance in moist and dusty circumstances, which are tested by following the test method of IP67 defined in the IEC standard 60529.

ManDown false alarms, a frequent cause of frustration for many mobile duress alarm users, are substantially reduced or eliminated by TWIG choice of triggers that enables tailored options to suit your specific need.

  • Tilt past a specified (configurable) angle for a specified (configurable) time.
  • No motion for specified time
  • Tilt and no motion
  • Freefall dectection
  • Impact (G-force sensitivity is configurable)
  • ManDown pre-alarm options
    • take no action for a configurable time, say 20 seconds
    • enter pre-alarm warning mode with audible and vibrate warning plus visual on-screen countdown to send alarm at 0

Amber Alert

Set a timer when entering a dangerous or unknown environment. TWIG will prompt user to interact and if they don’t before time elapses, an alarm is triggered.


When the countdown time runs out, TWIG device will launch emergency alert and call/send messages to pre-configured phone numbers.

Amber alert key

The Amber alert key is designed with question mark symbol and yellow color highlighting the “code yellow”.

Pre-configured UI key
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Support & Services


Highly customizable devices with scalable functions call for professional support. Our engineering know-how in personal telematic for more than 20 years ensures our customers get the information they need to ensure lone-worker and personal safety.

Please visit our Support site to find answers to your questions.

For further question, please contact us:

  • Address: Level 7, 6 Help St, Chatswood NSW 2067
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1300 765 543


We strive every day to provide our customers with excellent customer service. Most inquiries are answered the same day. Most orders are shipped within days. We don’t generally request minimum order quantity.

Extended warranty

In addition to our original warranty we also offer a possibility for an extended warranty. Extended warranty may be one or two years in addition to the original warranty.

Custom device settings

Upon request we configure device settings at the factory according to the dealer /agent reseller / customer’s  needs.

Customer SIM-card provisioning

TWIG personal alarms are optionally available with activated customer SIM-cards and requested customer configurations.


  • Custom sales box configuration
  • Device mid-life upgrades
  • Central station service provider model
  • Locating tracking services
  • Monitoring services

TWIG personal alarm devices complemented with short range devices and connected with the alarm receiving center establish a full system for lone worker protection.