How to preserve device settings during firmware update?

  • Before updating the device firmware you should save device settings to a PC file for later access, using TWIG Configurator.
  • After saving device settings you can program (“burn”) new firmware version.
  • After programming firmware and rebooting, if TWIG Configurator requests password then perform Device factory reset, using TWIG Configurator.
  • After device reset and reboot, edit device settings manually, or Read From File the saved settings back to device.

Device Types

Use the correct Configurator and FirmwareLoader version matching your device type:

  • Device type (TUP90EU, TCP90EU, TGP81EU) is printed in type label, on back side of device.
  • Settings files saved from the latest TWIG Configurator are cross-compatible between device types TUP90EU and TCP90EU.
  • Download the device type compatible .exe files for TWIG Configurator and TWIG FirmwareLoader on their product site.


TWIG Configurator does not require installing USB drivers but use Windows HID drivers instead (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP).

  • If while batch programming devices you want to prevent Windows from creating new driver files (VID and PID) for each new device, please contact TWIG Support for tips.
  • The over-the-air protocols (MPTP and GPRS) are backwards compatible from TGP81EU to TCP90EU to TUP90EU. For details please refer to TWIG Integrator Kit.