We are a team of professionals with long experience in the personal telematics industry. The upfront customer service with caring attitude and team spirit makes us fast to reply and flexible to deliver.

Please request quote also for our Value-added Services:

Extended warranty

In addition to our original warranty we also offer a possibility for an extended warranty. Extended warranty may be additional 1 or 2 years to original warranty.

Custom sales box configuration

From request we tailor sales boxes according to client requests e.g. with additional documents, optional accessories, device configuration, customer SIM-card provisioning and custom device settings.

Custom device settings

From request we configure device settings at factory according to customer needs.

Customer SIM-card provisioning

TWIG personal alarms are provisioned with activated customer SIM-cards and requested customer configurations.

Device mid-life upgrades

From request also device mid-life upgrades (MLUs) are possible.

Service Provider –model

The no-nonsense Service Provider model puts you in the driver’s seat: Your logo, your customer relations, your pricing. We provide the technology. Pay for use only, with no upfront fees. Please contact us for details.
Service Providers and corporate customers can receive monthly usage report per account/customer as well as Itemized invoice to be able to invoice its own customers accordingly.

TWIG Battery Service

We offer the TWIG Battery Service as a convenient and effective solution for maintaining TWIG personal alarms and extending their life-cycle.