Ensuring Lone Worker Safety in the Festive Days

The countdown to the biggest holiday season of the year has already started. However, it is important of keep in mind that these festive days are not all about joy and festivities. Unfortunately, many individuals still need to go to work and the increased crime rate during the holidays can be a serious concern for them.

Lone working has its own difficulties and dangers regardless of the time of the year. However, some of the risk factors they encounter can increase significantly during the holiday season. In addition to regular lone workers, many other end up working alone for stretches of time during the festive days. Moreover, many employees are required to work for longer hours at this time. Also, to handle the additional workload, many workplaces hire seasonal employees that are not always aware of the company’s lone worker safety protocols. All these factors often create gaps for the safety of the workers, particularly the ones working alone.

Working Alone at Christmas:

Everyone wants to enjoy the Christmas at home with their friends and family members. However, not many are privileged enough to have their wish granted.  For many people, Christmas is a time of the year fraught with emotion. Rampant consumption of alcohol can very easily make things rather tricky. If you have a job that involves dealing with public, you must be mindful of this risk.

In the retail sector, this is the time of the year where workers often have angry customers to contend with. If you are a care worker, working with individuals with alcohol or drug problems is extremely common at this part of the year. Robbery and pickpocketing are two more serious risk factors associated with the Christmas time.  Often times, criminals utilise this holiday season to break into business establishments because they know that there will be a reduced amount of staff to deal with. Many offices just have one security personnel guarding the property alone at this time of the year.

Holiday Safety for Lone Workers:

If you own a business that employs lone workers, it is important for you to review their safety practices and protocols before that holiday season and identify the gaps.  Take a close look at all lone working situations within the organisation.  It could be a worker delivering goods, someone working alone in your warehouse, or an employee working alone on a late shift.

Identification of these risk areas is imperative to maintaining a safe holiday work environment for your lone workers. The next step for you is to mitigate all these troublesome situations.  As an employer, there are many different things you can do to enhance safety for lone workers as well as others during these festive days.  Please remember that each business will have different lone worker safety needs because their situations are unique, too.

Improving lone worker safety may mean better planning of shifts for the workers so that their lone working time gets reduced.  Ramping up protocols and providing training to seasonal employees is also extremely important.

Responsibility of the Employers:

It is always preferable to have at least two persons working together. However, as an employer, that may not be a realistic option for you. That being said, there are effective and affordable ways in which you can ensure a safe holiday for your employees. Wearable safety alarm systems can be an integral part of your lone worker protection plan for the holidays. These discreet devices allow lone workers to seek help with the simple push of a button. When they are in any sort of danger, these devices can help them route emergency calls and texts to many different recipients.  In the recent years, the lone worker protection technology has grown by leaps and bounds and you have many sophisticated devices to choose from.

Tips for Lone Workers:

  • While travelling around on duty, on your way to work, and while returning from work, always avoid areas where people may be drinking
  • If you are attacked or bullied by a group of people, stay calm and don’t argue back.
  • Just because it’s the holiday season, don’t stop using your lone worker safety device or use it any less.
  • Try to be in touch with your colleagues, as much as you can.
  • While transporting high-value goods, keep the doors locked when the vehicle is parked and exit your vehicle only when you really have to.
  • Always trust your instinct and never take unnecessary risks.

At TWIG Australia, we have a wide spectrum lone worker protection systems designed to address your specific safety issues. Please contact our experts today to find out what works best for your lone workers. Enjoy your Christmas and be safe.