How To Keep Lone Workers Safe: 5 Tips

If your company employs lone workers in any capacity, there are regulations which stipulate mandatory safety precautions you must take to keep lone workers safe. As well as complying with Australian safety frameworks and equipping your workers with lone worker safety devices, you can provide training to ensure your employees are able to identify danger before it causes harm. We have written the following tips for lone workers to help them keep safe when operating on site.

Remain Observant At All Times

A major lesson lone workers can benefit from is constant vigilance when working on site. By remaining observant of the environment, the co-workers in their immediate vicinity and co-workers’ behaviour, workers can retain fast reflexes and act swiftly if something unusual happens or if danger becomes evident. Changes in atmosphere, body language and tone of voice are key indicators that something is amiss. Lone workers can use their lone worker safety devices outfitted by TWIG Australia in such cases to alert security that there is a problem and secure the safety of all workers nearby.

Part of remaining observant is planning an exit strategy for every situation. Workers should always keep a mental note of where the nearest exit is. They should continually scan the immediate environment for anything that could be used as a weapon against them by an intruder. Vulnerable locations, like corners or areas out of co-worker’s line of sight should be avoided at all costs too.

Don’t Present As A Target

In the event of an angry or even violent incursion during working hours, workers are at risk simply by being present in such a situation. It is therefore important for workers to keep their emotional state in check and to maintain a calm attitude at all times. If a situation becomes stressful, workers must not respond in anger or they will risk antagonising the perpetrator which could result in harm.

Furthermore, if a lone worker is carrying necessary valuables, such as a watch or a mobile phone, these should be kept out of sight at all times. Presenting valuable items when you are alone can indicate you are a target when you interact with other people or when you are alone, but visible to other would-be wrongdoers.

Always Track Workers’ Physical Location

Perhaps the most important way lone workers can remain safe at all times is to consistently check in and let their co-workers know where they are. By equipping your lone workers with TWIG Lone Worker Devices, you confer a GPS signal upon them. This means that security can be alerted to workers’ physical location at the press of a button. In an emergency scenario, security can find lone workers easily and handle the situation before it escalates out of control.

Trust Your Intuition

Most people who have fallen victim to a violent incident or robbery will say that, in hindsight, they were alerted to the event before it happened by a series of warning signs. Incidents usually happen when people are afraid to listen to their instincts – their “gut feeling”. Employers should train lone workers to always trust their intuition and to ignore their fear of getting into trouble or giving the wrong impression to people in close contact with them.

Carry A Lone Worker Safety Device

In the event of an emergency, lone workers equipped with lone worker safety devices are far safer than those without. Lone workers with a safety device supplied by TWIG Australia can call for help at the press of a button and alert security to their physical location simultaneously. Lone worker safety devices can be upgraded with lone worker beacons which keep track of lone workers’ physical location at all times via GPS.

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